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Front Office Staff-Reno sets itself apart from call centers. We pride ourselves on being the best by providing exceptional care to our customers with a drive to deliver comfortable conversations and represent your company in the best possible light.


First Month: Unlimited Calls for only $109!

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Let Front Office Staff-Reno Be Your Answer

Local, Family Owned Business

Customized, Personal Service

Affordable, Competitive Pricing

Highly Trained Professionals

The Best First Impressions

Building the Best Relationships

We believe in establishing trust and strong relationships from the beginning. Each of our clients can expect constant communication, regardless of their location. 

Call it Simple and Easy

Training  Done Right

Each of our virtual receptionists are trained for several months with hands-on supervision to ensure consistent satisfaction with friendly and knowledgeable service. Our services are not "one size fits all." Every client is provided customized services that fit their individual needs.

Every phone call is answered according to the client's needs. Front Office tracks caller data and logs all of the necessary information. We don't just transfer your calls. Our staff is handles all basic business information such as office hours, directions, etc.

Cookie Cutter Calls

Impersonal Service

No Connection

For a basic phone call that collects the caller's name, number, company name, and then is transferred, the average talk time is 1 minute and 35 seconds. If you exceed the original package, call centers will bump you up to the next plan.

Call centers do not recognize the importance of building relationships with customers or following up during the answering services to ensure satisfaction. In addition, call centers charge by the minute.

Call centers have a tendency to provide cookie cutter customer service. Although they may advertise "customized service," they answer all of their customers' phone calls the same way. Often times, operators can sound unprofessional, rushed, and unfamiliar with your company.

How can we save you $30,000 a year?